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Our Story

The Cabins Conwy is part of Ancient Arts Ltd, a company started in the early 1990’s by David Chapman to research ancient technologies and to provide education resources and public events for heritage sites and museums across the UK.  Since then we have worked for all the major museums in the UK, including the British Museum, and appeared on many TV shows.  For more information on this work please visit our website at: www.ancient-arts.org.

We are also very interested in merging traditional farming techniques with modern permaculture ideas and have already undertaken a project in exploring ancient biochar technologies in partnership with the University of Wales. Later in 2017  we intend to add to our fruit orchard and continue developing the food production systems in the field.  

In 2000 we bought Llangelynin New Church to use as our Studio and shortly after we acquired Cae Eglwys, thanks to Dr P Gillan of nearby Merchlyn and renamed the field Cae Richard in memory of her late husband, Richard.

Our aim was to allow the field to revert from heavily used pasture (which was managed using chemical sprays) back to a more natural state which would dramatically increase the biodiversity in both plant and animal life.

Ten years later and with minimal intervention this process is well underway.

Early Prehistoric replicas made by Ancient Arts for a local museum.

Cae Richard ready for its last hay harvest 2004.

Llangelynin New Church built in 1840, now home to Ancient Arts.

Cae Richard 2016

Coed Bach 2016 (Little Wood) self seeded alder trees in Cae Richard.

Burning dead dock Autumn 2015.

We also wanted to use more traditional land management techniques to produce sustainable wood to use in our work to remake prehistoric tools for schools and museums.  So we have planted areas of willows and ash with the intention of coppicing the trees.

Our Cabins will also be used for accommodation for the courses we run on Ancient Technologies and Bush craft and will hopefully help sustain these projects and allow our guest to become part of our holistic world while experiencing a beautiful and restful location.

Planting willow hedge 2015 as part of the SUD or Sustainable Drainage System for the car park.

Building the cabins!

The Chapmans!