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The Cabins Conwy

Our three eco Cabins are set within 3 acres of previously intensely farmed Welsh meadow, known as Cae Richard.  The River Henryd runs along the western edge of the site; and although more a stream than river it provides enough small fish and eels to keep our resident otter happy.  

Since buying the land 10 years ago we have allowed it to regenerate into a more natural environment.  No artificial fertilisers have been added to the soils or chemical weed killers used in this time.  Instead we have started using permaculture techniques to allow the soils to naturally regenerate and to provide a variety of different environments, such as natural woodland and ponds to develop and subsequently to dramatically increase the plant and animal biodiversity.   

Cae Richard - Wildlife Haven

This is an on-going process can be seen on an annual basis as the field naturally changes.  We hope that all our guests can also enjoy this process with us by wandering through the field along defined paths and discovering secret places along the way to stop and enjoy nature.


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